Review of Lightning Fried - Reno Jack the Bear

First Review from Wasser Prawda in Germany


In the last 50 years, Reno Jack has already played on several boards. But only now he released his first album. "Lightning Fried" (produced by Jack Reno, Sunday Wilde and Rusty McCarthy), is a mix of blues, country and rockabilly, where the songwriter, inter alia by Watermelon Slim, Rusty McCarthy, Robert Hiughes and Janelle Frost is accompanied.

Cutting rough and gentle at the same time that voice comes from. And the stories told Reno Jack are not the everyday radio fare (not even at Country or Blue stations on the Internet): It's about the madness of the Internet age, as well as to the effects of salt on the human body to the destruction, which can cause a tornado like to fads of today's society. Reno Jack wants to stimulate thinking. And he does so with his songs in any case.

In between, he plays on "Lightning Fried" even some of his favorite songs, like "Trying To Get To You" by Elvis, Arthur Alexander's "Baby This baby That" or Herald Nix '"Such A Funny Little Thing". With the latter he had played in the 80s rockabilly and even opened a concert of The Clash in Vancouver.

From Cowpunk the 80s and 90s can be heard now, however, less: Rather you can already hear some wisdom of old age in Reno songs. Yes, Jack Reno has to offer both: Country Western, as well as blues, folk, and some jazz can be heard. But most of all he is a great storyteller and usually relaxed, with the "Lightning Fried" a great album succeeded. (Hwy 11 Records)

Nathan Norgel from Wasser Prawda

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