Reno Jack Lightning Fried Press Release

PRESS RELEASE April 15 2015
Hwy 11 Records launches Reno Jack the Bears debut CD Lightning Fried

Having played on numerous recording projects across the past five decades, Reno Jack has now launched his first recording on Hwy 11 Records. This collection of ten originals and five covers showcase his favorite subjects and genres.   

The originals cover his favorite subjects of history, events and situations. The title track “Lightning Fried” is a quick blues rock tune narrating the horror that a  tornado can wreak on land, with amazing chicken like harmonica.  “Salt” is a rock and roll tune, and a story of how the additive can affect the body.  “Gee Oogle It Baby”  a slow city blues tune tackle the internet influence on modern life. “20th Century” is a folk song narrating just that. “Blue Ball Boil” and “Daddio”, both country songs, take a look at the world, society’s foibles. “For A Little While” a jazz piece speaks of the period of time when love is rich before it sours.
Musicians from the United States Watermelon Slim (multiple WC Handy Awards on Dobro and Harmonica), Robert Hughes (Teeny Tucker Band on guitar) and Janelle Frost (piano) have joined Canadian musicians Rusty McCarthy (Mary Margarent O’hara on numerous instruments) Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo on drums), David West (on guitar), Shelley Coopersmith (on violin) Johnny Lovesin (on guitar) and Sunday Wilde (on backup vocals) to help bring the music alive. The engineering team was spearheaded by Rusty McCarthy and included Gary Vincent (Clarksdale Soundstage and grammny nominated producer for Charlie Musselwhite) for Watermelon Slim tracks, Terry Brooks (Alabama) for Janelle Frost and Cary Dachtyl (Ohio) for Robert Hughes tracks.

"I had the pleasure of working with Watermelon Slim here in Clarksdale MS at the Clarksdale Soundstage. We were overdubbing Slim's contribution to Reno's new CD. In these days where the market is filled with tons of the same old re-hashed crap, it was refreshing to hear something so original. Reno's songs are the real deal. I can't wait to hear the finished masters". Gary Vincent, Clarksdale Soundstage

It’s been said Reno possesses a voice of barbed wire wrapped in velvet. He employs shades of Rock and Roll, Country and Western,  Folk , Honky Tonk and Rhythm and Blues woven into his own style accompanied by dry witted lyrics in an effort to provoke thoughtful thought. He has played with numerous artists along the way such as Handsome Neds out of the Toronto Rockabilly scene, Herald Nix, and the Corndogs.

Nathan Norgel from Wasser Prawda in Germany says of the new album, “From Cowpunk the 80s and 90s can be heard now, however, less: Rather you can already hear some wisdom of old age in Reno songs. Yes, Jack Reno has to offer both: Country Western, as well as blues, folk, and some jazz can be heard. But most of all he is a great storyteller and usually relaxed, with the "Lightning Fried" a great album succeeded.”

This album can get one safely down the road without a speeding ticket, road rage or a mishap by keeping the listener cool calm yet refreshed amused and alert.  A true driving record.

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