New Canadian Music REVIEW

Lightning Fried - Reno Jack the Bear 


His name may suggest a card shark from the Wild West, but Reno Jack is actually a well-respected veteran on the rockabilly/country scene, having played extensively with such legends as Handsome Ned, Herald Nix and Johnny MacLeod (in The Jack Family). He has been featured on more than 20 albums, but Lightning Fried is the first album to come out under his own name. It's a real strong debut, one that incorporates country, blues, folk and vintage rock 'n roll elements. Jack has a deep voice that's full of character, and there is energy and humour in his well-crafted songs (the album comprises 11 originals and four covers). He is backed by a great posse of players, from American notables like Watermelon Slim and Robert Hughes (Teeny Tucker Band) and Janelle Frost to Canadians Rusty McCarthy (Mary Margaret O’Hara), Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo), Shelley Coopersmith, Johnny Lovesin and Sunday Wilde (Jack has produced her recent fine records).
Reno Jack played Thunder Bay earlier this week and is at King's Palace Cafe in Memphis on May

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